TECH NEWS: Google allow attachments Money with e-mails

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google allow attachments Money with e-mails

send money google wallet قوقل تتيح إرفاق المال مع الرسائل الإلكترونية
Since the invention of email and to this day the user is not able to attach only files with e-mails, but Google is expanding today and let you attach to money also in an electronic message sent by any person as well as receive money just like you would send any other file.
The idea is to serve Google Finance Google Wallet which let you through integration with Gmail Mail to attach a sum of money and high security easily by clicking on a new button will appear in the box write messages in the form of a dollar sign $.
Google requests a fee of 2.9% of the value of the conversion and you can also send money to people who do not have Gmail also mail in order to repay the value of purchases, it is not limited to transmission, but you can receive money via Google Wallet of LG-mail Mile also directly.
Google trying through these new facilities to deal with a rival service electronic payment gateways such as PayPal famous.