TECH NEWS: 95% of Android's profits go to Samsung

Thursday, May 16, 2013

95% of Android's profits go to Samsung

Samsung 95% من أرباح الأندرويد تذهب إلى سامسونج

Some reports from the period that the company Google worried about controlling the large Samsung system Android, and statistics today confirm these reports, where he was that 95% of all profits operating system Android in the first quarter of this year went to Samsung alone only.
According to Strategy Analytics statistics, such a large proportion difficult task in front of other manufacturers that use the Android system to achieve any significant revenue from the system.
We had deployed earlier in the control of Apple and Samsung together on all profits from the smart phone industry, while the rest of the manufacturers barely escape their own area of loss. The figures showed that Apple acquires 57% and Samsung 43% of the profit sales.