TECH NEWS: Yahoo! Acquires GoPollGo Rating Services

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yahoo! Acquires GoPollGo Rating Services

gopollgo ياهوو تستحوذ على GoPollGo لخدمات التصويت
GoPollGo announced the acquisition of Yahoo did not disclose the amount of the transaction.
The company offers these emerging-old not to exceed three years, Social Rating Services oriented smart phone users which is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to create and published vote on those networks.
And announced the service off the formal application and their own widgets, which are included in other sites and services and other functions that were provided by the users.
Yahoo and intend to possession of this benefit from the experiences of young talent, which manages the company and the application, and the GoPollGo company has developed a special mobile version of its technology, which will help Yahoo to increase its focus more to smart phone users in line with the policy of the Executive Director Marissa Mayer.
The Yahoo had acquired a considerable number of small companies emerging which owns the techniques or applications serving smart phone users, Perhaps the most famous of those acquisitions was the application of telly news Summly , and revealed earlier today announced the acquisition of MileWise also acquired Astrid. And the company is in talks with Hulu video portal to acquire them as well.
The Yahoo network has 300 million active users per month via smart phone, which the company seeks to submit it and provide them with new services through the possession of the emerging companies offering such services.