TECH NEWS: Twitter buys a company specializing huge data

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Twitter buys a company specializing huge data

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Twitter acquired Lucky Sort company specialized display and explore and browse the data, which owns a huge engine so special.
And Twitter intends to take advantage of the engine TopicWatch to help explore new and useful patterns from the huge stream of data and tweets published by users, which is one of the most important applications of massive data Big Data.
Did not disclose financial details of the transaction, but the company pointed to the closure of the service in its current form over the coming months and will be transferred to a number of company employees to Twitter.
However drive TopicWatch can audit users and search and social media, and government publications, news and comments in real time, in order to find the beneficial results are summarized and analyzed all this vast amount of data.
The company uses the engine developed what is known as addressing the living languages ​​NLP techniques which are used to explore the information by scanning the huge non-structured data, and what distinguishes it can derive the overall structure without the need to define a database of names, and other acts.
Twitter will benefit from the company's techniques for research published in the billions of tweets a day to get to know new types of useful information and visual presentation of clear and simple can incorporate later platform the either on the web or smart phone applications.
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