TECH NEWS: Pins Pindreast site gets a new update

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pins Pindreast site gets a new update

Pentrist Pins Bandreast site gets a new updatePindreast announced on the official blog that there is a new update has just arrived on the property pins Pins that will display more information.
Thus, we can expect a display image information such as pricing and availability of products, how long it may take a cooking recipes, as well as assessments of movies.
It is assumed that this will make the site more useful to readers and less for those who consider a platform for the exchange of images.
Information that have been added come with a wide range of shops and publications food and databases on the film, and is this update of the total deals Bandreast propaganda with major companies, and among the big names you can find Ntflex Netflix and the location of the sale and purchase eBay and Sony Corporation.
And a feature that had only for Bandreast users are re-new design, however, has not impressed enough among users, so on Bandreast attempt to help them change their mind about this topic.