TECH NEWS: Photoshop Express is available for download in the Windows 8 store

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Photoshop Express is available for download in the Windows 8 store

photoshop express Photoshop Express متاح للتحميل في متجر ويندوز 8
Became the official application Photoshop Express from Adobe is available for free download from the Windows store with a number of new and diverse features for quick editing of images either from your PC or tablet.
The application allows for a simple editing and adding improvements on the pictures, also provides advantages in most image editing applications such as cropping and rotation, and also there is a feature to remove redness caused by the reflection of the flash light on the pupil.
In addition, there are a number of possibilities for the amendment to the colors in terms of contrast and brightness and balance, etc., and manual editing can be done by changing the values ​​or leave the job of the application to the task automatically according to what it finds appropriate.
More importantly, the application is that it comes with a variety of ready-made filters amendment designated by the Looks, and there are 15 free filter can also buy additional filters from Adobe to be applied to images.
Of course, after the completion of the modified picture you can easily share on social networks or saved on the device for use.
The application can be downloaded through Windows 8 store from this page