TECH NEWS: Philosophies of technology! # Entrepreneurship Google glasses!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Philosophies of technology! # Entrepreneurship Google glasses!

newton google glass فلسفات تقنية! #ريادة نظارات جوجل!
In this article I will talk things possible to be philosophies of technology or even a fictional little bit, but certainly does not mean that it is viable and will be talking about a pair of Google and its importance to developers or entrepreneurs who are thinking Balbdo competition even before the world foreign to enter strongly them.
I always believe that imagination is the future, a lot of us to imagine his presence on the moon and imagination this has become a reality, many imagine that sends a message at lightning speed when the city was under siege from enemy to ally that away thousands of miles, this fantasy became reality as a result fantasies humanity all science began finding the best ways to meet the human imagination meets greed and curiosity also apply this philosophy to the Google site (information), Facebook (social networking), etc. of imaginative ideas that have become realistic thanks to technology ..
If Pflsveta this science and technological development is the result of man's imagination and what he wants as science is a small points all Madkhal the world a small point is entering a new Bmtahh enters the wide world over billions of points all Madkhalt and expansion of science point penetrated more and more.
We undoubtedly live in this era (the era of technology), as we were in the industrial age where turned all things to industry and earn money from the industry now, or even 10 years ago was the era of the Internet and modern technology and all the money and business to be in this era and make it easier for human life. Without a doubt we live within the American civilization!

Do you remember when Kano telling you that the computer will become in your pocket the day? Yes, today is the day promised 
I do not want to dwell upon these philosophies will enter the crucifixion Thread a Google Glass.

Google Glass

google glass فلسفات تقنية! #ريادة نظارات جوجل!
Onset do not want the full definition but a simple definition of Google's glasses are simply placed on the head glasses meet all your technical needs begin to recognize the world around you through new technology provided by Google, you start applications help you wherever you are. Do you want to identify this area where you are? Glasses Google will provide you these things Tknlogi the excellent a lot of solutions and technical fantasies that you could count the example of fiction because no one can pin down!

Everyone is betting on Google glasses you will succeed or fail?

The truth question success of bifocals or lack thereof will depend on the hundreds of reasons but the main reason is the extent of consumer acceptance of glasses and how much interest that will accrue to Almtshlk of wearing glasses seem annoyingly in front of everyone. But who knows the future be possible not wear these glasses as if there is no phone with him these days, or until there is no Internet has 8 years ago!
If you are a new technology along the old technology and every new thing that can wow succeed or fail failed assassin.
If you ask yourself Would you want to ride this wave and whether you are willing to accept risks Chriada?
Seriously and However, philosophical want advised any lead or developer to enter the world of these glasses and start imagining possible applications to help the world and do not think as much as you think the extent of profit you add the new user bifocals! Of course not considering the establishment of an alternative competitor of glasses (not that you can not intellectually), you can do that that are available have sources (I believe in mind the Arab, but unfortunately I do not believe the development of governments to these minds) so the thought of how to create a new application on these glasses.
google glass 2 فلسفات تقنية! #ريادة نظارات جوجل!
Yes, it is possible to be just an idea and it is possible to be a fictional! It is more than possible or even likely to make fun of your friends you just thinking about them. But I know you are moving the right direction if you believe in this idea and want to achieve holistic faith believes will be achieved not let anyone field (even if it is destroyed) that loses my prayer and faith in the idea.
So now you have the idea that you want to provide a new service to the world through Google glasses after which step?
Then the full study on these glasses and do not let any news miss them neither small nor large, and if you're a programmer Start studying glasses fully and completely and start applications even a job was very simple. Study like you will provide general secondary examination tomorrow (this is certainly more study examined your life).
Thread ultimately more philosophical and glasses are available now only for some people but it will soon be available to the public, and the subject just simply is the subject of faith with success, and these positive energies will make you reach your goal.