TECH NEWS: Opera on Android by the final version

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Opera on Android by the final version

opera for android opera on the final Android ČäÓÎĘĺ device

Issued the final version of the Opera browser for the Android operating system on the WebKit engine with some new features in addition to the benefits announced by the beta version.
And the browser has come a new user interface with light colors and feature exploration and which users can choose where to put the navigation bar either at the top or bottom of the screen. As well as rotate the text feature so that it displays properly or smartphone can select a full-screen display any Lycia open.
The Opera has announced its renunciation of Presto engine for browsers in the World Mobile Congress in last February and the transition to an open source WebKit engine.
And exploration feature works on a proposal content to users based on previous surfing style, and by tracking clicks on links and web pages that have been browsed and geographical location.
And of course what distinguishes the Opera browser is the techniques to reduce consumption data provides the users bear the high costs in the event of contact through the third or fourth generation, where there is a special preparation called Off-Road works to compress data so it can be easily downloaded even through contact slow.
And allows the Opera browser on Android also Invisible Browsing feature so that sites can not trace or save any user passwords and access accounts on the device, and can also search by typing search words in writing URLs bar.
It can download the latest version of the browser, either from Google Play store  or visit  from your smart phone