TECH NEWS: Nexus 4 in white, with a copy of new Android

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nexus 4 in white, with a copy of new Android

white nexus 4 630 white Nexus 4 and the new copy Android
Not Developers Conference the company Google this year's conference detect the new hardware as it is a conference for developers actually add to modernize the company's products present, but even though it did not end the conference yet, there are still rumors with new and more importantly, a copy of Android new 4.3.
And emerged from a period of some pictures of Nexus 4 phone in white, also appeared after the video clip confirms the device.
The modern day reported leaks from android and me that it will put the latest version Android 4.3 on the tenth of June and will be a white Nexus 4 first device carries this version.
Screen Shot 2013 05 15 at 15.17.47 Nexus 4 in white, with a copy of new Android
The source of this leak is important is the result of a search on the Google search engine the same page from the Android site stating security tests and improvements on the Android 4.3 system.
Because Update Alandroed this is a sub of jelly between what means that the updates will not be drastic and will feature support Bluetooth Smart low power consumption may support standard OpenGL ES 3.0.
The site is expected to reach update starting from next month to the rest of Nexus devices, both smart phones and tablet computer.