TECH NEWS: HTC maybe stopped production of HTC First

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HTC maybe stopped production of HTC First

htc first إتش تي سي قد توقف انتاج هاتف HTC FirstOne month after it passes the Taiwanese company has launched her exclusive HTC First, according to reports, will stop and return the phones from AT & T to HTC again, where sales reached only 15 thousand phone.
The FB has announced fronted integrated with Android in early April, and became Phone HTC First and store Google Play are owned application Facebook home on April 12, was presented the new phone at $ 99 with a contract for two years with AT & T, but it seems that The new FB interface did not attract the attention of many, as some had expected, but disgusting raised others, with access to two rating out of five stars and 16.700 votes.
It seems that the AT & T did not bear such a shame of it all, even the phone has not attracted love children, and after the negative feedback first, the promise of Facebook to improve the user interface, but discovered it was too late, it is important, it is likely to return crop of phones HTC First to a new company with little profit, we hope HTC not to waste again.