TECH NEWS: How to Convert from a vendor on the Fives to Freilansr professional

Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Convert from a vendor on the Fives to Freilansr professional

freelancer thumb كيف تتحول من بائع على خمسات إلى فريلانسر محترف
Was the beginning of my knowledge brother Rauf Shabayek, online first in the search for one of the topics related to marketing, then through sponsorship a cyber-marketers professionals located Shabayek and Blog Shabayek .. And it did not waste time .. You subscribe to its mailing list immediately, and even now common, and observer of entries wonderful Rauf.
When the project began, " Fives "enthusiastic about him too, is prescribed for new in the Arab world, holds the folds of a new idea - even if it is transferred from the outside - but still a new idea in the community Web Arab world, as long as no يسبقك by one (although the right Braov many in this idea even become net for their busy!).
Other aspect of the beauty of the idea - along with creativity - is an easy .. Any service dream is no longer difficult to this point, all you have to do is log on the site, and search services, but did not find the service that you want, and you ordered expressly to be displayed on all service providers Fives in Banner both sides of the special, racing professionals them access to already provide this service you and others in the Fives.
As well as the ease of payment .. Dealing all done via PayPal PayPal electronic payment gateway in the world's first, and by far the most secure, and added cashU cards Cash U recently. So if you want to request a service, all you need to do is create an account - whether researcher for service or service provider - and the search for the service that you want to accomplish, for you to choose from among a distinguished group of competitors, racing to perform this service for you.
And by this competition exceeded all limits .. I found the site Fives compete unnatural to provide one service for a special discount on the price of a electronic products - and I'm well aware of this product - to make sure beyond a reasonable doubt that one of the service providers on the Fives will receive pence and one of the commission sale of this product, O However, the amount paid by a buyer in Fives ($ 5 The Fives discount management were $ 1, or $ 4 only).
When we talk about diversity in Fives, the matter turns already huge market of premium services, needed by everyone who works in the field of web in general, there is hardly any one walking around a bit on the site, only to find the service related to marketing, and these that bring you visitors numbers fake, which is designed for professional atmosphere for your site, and this is who writes to you what you need from premium content, and this is who is the inauguration of the Code and PHP .. And others, and other lots and lots.
A huge market of premium services, which are indispensable to any one of us owns a site or looking to create conveniently practiced it to whatever activity. Even if you found yourself entered buy a service or two door Tatherk at service and easy access.
Rauf Shabayek, has long ago sold Fives site of Hassob Company, Inc., a means to develop Arab website, and upload to broader horizons and welcome .. Which was considered a strong leap in Fives, it doubled the number of service providers, as well as asylum services, already Fives site turns into a strong market now indispensable in the Arab web.
It was possible to remain so for a longer period and more richer .. Otherwise, which happened to one of my friends across Fives site.

Funny story

I know one of my closest friends, who works in the field of human resources HR, introduced its services on site Fives, and was the most prominent of (professional writing autobiography in English, for only $ 5).
Of course, he works in the field of HR gave him very easily find out what employers want in his reading and knowledge in the CV, was this the reason he turned professional writing.
Amusing story narrated by me, is when they asked him to design Fives professional CV to someone.
He took the old CV for this person, and asked him some additional data, and the re-writing CVs, and the format paragraphs, and re-write the paragraph Objective opening, then arranged Biography terms of its power, as always used .. When finished, this person sent it to the applicant on the Fives.
Service usually ends with the word (Thank you) or any assessment .. But the owner of the service of the CV exclamation said to my friend text:
- But you did not do anything but add a new Objective, arranged Me, and changed the form of CV .. I expected to do something different.
My friend replied, exclaimed:
- Do you expect to add new data from me? Your data, and all I did was rearranged, and change the form of a biography of the initial unpopular with the employer or the HR administrator .. What I did is to show CV professionally.
That person asked him to reformulate the Objective because it does not like, my friend told him:
- That the Objective purpose shed light on the basic function to which you want to work based on actual experience, if you see that there is a better offer, So he sent him to me and I'm going to cum biography, and sent it to you again.
Missed this person for several days, and then returned to him a passage written in Arabic, and asked him to translate it and put him in the biography, apologized authors, and told him that it was better for him to ask the specialists in language that يترجموها him, and inevitably this will be the best, and confirmed by my friend to send him the new Objective after that translate to put him in a CV again.
Shortly after that person asked him to cancel the service .. !!
My friend almost reaped .. This led him to stop moments to wonder the same with this question: Is it worth all this effort? Is worth $ 4 be exposed to all this practical or psychological pressure? (Remember that Fives deduct $ 1 from each $ 5 Taatlqahm).
And transfer to the questioning this, and it prompted me to enter the Fives site survey and research work.
Of course I can not inventory large site services such as Fives, but I at least looked through a wide range of users and found some of the following:
First: There are plenty of service providers Fives, asked to meet his more than $ 5 ..Which means that the unit $ 5 is not sufficient to meet his (the authors have decided based on this observation to raise the value of CV writing service in Fives).
Second: There is some support services to other services .. Ie you for doing this service, you definitely need to support her service, or its complement.
Whoever wants to have someone book hosting, is inevitably looking who designed his position .. Presents upon the service provider - who booked him hosting - website design to him, and, of course, can not determine the cost of designing a new site in Fives, because the design of the site is generally in agreement, it is difficult to determine price.Even if the service provider has identified price, it will be too high for $ 5 and its complications.
Third: incomplete services .. I mean incomplete services here services that are not complemented by their owners, but I mean you need services to other services.
For instance, you find the location of the required installation code and PHP on the server its own, and after that's done it, find it in need of many other things, such as the installation of special mold acceptable somewhat, or add some additions Plugins, or add a logo New, or modification of an existing logo .. Etc.. All of this is in the same scenario offered by the previous point, which is a simple service, in the hope of getting greater return for greater service than just $ 5 and its complications.
Fourth: Professionals are leaving .. There are people who used the site services such as marketing Fives for himself and his work for a temporary period, and has already won a lot of successful business deals from the deal through Fives.
But after a while - and with high level technical work - feels as if his effort is not compatible with what it gets, gradually begins to apologize to meet customer requests that come to him through Fives, and gradually move away so that in some cases the cancellation .. The interpretation that I personally have received is:
"STC price is high, because I am the oldest high quality, and enters Fives, I do expect him all what you wish for $ 5"
I know two of my friends already have stopped offering their services in Fives specifically for this reason .. One graphic designer, and other professional blogger .. The drawback, of course, not in Fives, nor the authors but are important points need to be discussed.
Fifth: webmasters more personal selling their services on the Fives .. people -instinctively - do not like dealing with people anonymous, so when put in your file on the Fives real data reflect about you, photograph you, and your personal site, and you know the people who you are, the more Vic confidence dramatically, shifting from an unknown person to someone who has a reputation on the site.
What I noticed is that the service providers in the site Fives, who own a Web site, or a personal blog, getting a lot of services, compared with others who do not have such a feature.
And provide a location is a positive point in building bridges of trust between you and the client, and urged him to take a look Unaudited on your site and how mean it - an assumption that you mean the site - and look at the nature of your business.
If you are a professional blogger offers services codification, pay your own client to read your articles, and outstanding Note style blogging, thus contracting with you.
If you are a graphic designer, will verify the matter in design that it takes for your blog, and assesses the level, and you begin to deal according to him.
If you e-marketer will be considered in the ranking of your site, and its relationship to the search results in Google.
And so on ..
So it became a site / Blog, the basis for building a successful business fruitful Fives.
What Ncicvh from the previous five observations?

What happens after Fives?

Arab Web evolves and grows day after day, with evolving needs service on the Internet from all levels, not only the level of five dollars.
No one can deny the bouquet turnkey solutions provided by the site, such as service-Fives, but .. What happens after Fives?
Are you from an Arab solution to deal with all service needs in the world of the web - and outside the world of the web in fact - and ensure the kind of transparency and saturation in the completion of the transaction for both parties?
Is it possible to provide a gate bearing the same qualities Arab site outstanding Fives, meets the needs of entrepreneurs in the Arab website, and ensure safety and security for both parties, in the same way modern automation followed Fives?
This question needs to small trip in foreign solutions that offer this.

Other prospects

When I started working in the design and development of web sites, it was brought to my attention a couple of professional designers characterize their work a memorable touch.
Whenever I thought was on my mind to imagine what minor related to the idea of ​​a specific design, and go to one of them, and I give him the ABCs of the initial design, surprise me Babdall the that always Dazzle me.
But what surprised me both - and we are working in the company at the time - is the news of the resignation ..
Resigns not together, but already each other about two months, and the news was marvelous in fact, The situation is stable for namely, There salary  the very good, and accrue to all what I wish of tools and possibilities .. What drives two like them to resign the function of these specifications?
For the same reason, which was introduced in the fourth point .. professionals are leaving.
I felt my friend the same felt Mrtado the Fives professional .. They get less than deserve, and with him it must Antalega to an advanced level, and the stage bigger and higher than just a job in web design company, even if a large company like that we were working out.
The days passed and the question preoccupied with them, but when the opportunity came to talk with one told me Bahwalh, and conditions our friend.
've Settled place them at home .. Become work of the house!!
I wondered, and it was strange Ali in the beginning, but some clarification .. I wondered more.
I have one of them participated in a service-famous site - is - and has created a special file, and pass the tests progress, and view prices, and its precedent .... And waited.
It was not more than a week, but the promise of applications began showered him, and began to deal with them from home, and end to the fullest, and delivered to the customer, and then received his money.
Were not the process of receiving the money obstacle, there is a Paypal PayPal and Pioneer Payoneer and bank transfer normal wire transfer, but oDesk in particular issued a set of cards supported by the Pioneer Payoneer and the slogan oDesk and this card could receive their money within 3 days no more .. All of this is working from home.
Several months have passed, and during look over on the Internet, he discovered another gate of the gates of excellence in the rental services, a site , stood together in it, and he did just as he did in o Desk .. The second friend told what to do so follow suit.
Do you realize the magnitude of the difference in the new job will become?
No longer have to either get up early and go to the partial or total time a specific number of hours, not waiting for an imminent arrest last month, and exposure to harassed manager bossy, spiteful or colleague or other.
Now he can wake up whenever he wants, and work the number of hours you wish it, not harm it at all of sleep during the day and work at night or taking a vacation 4 days a week, or travel or anything else that is associated with work-formal education, has become his device is a laptop your it carries with him wherever he went.
The Internet has made since the beginning of his appearance until now marks a milestone in the lives of many .. Old joke has become special to work from home a reality , as well as to say the view "Do you want to earn money as you sleep, "the reality we live already, how many readers of these words now, has a web site it generates profits while he is asleep already.
But - and this is not a defect - still web Arab has a lot to offer and up to him .. So far I have not found the site service Arab, which means to provide specific services, at a price negotiated is open based on the experience of the service provider, and the quality of the work submitted, and many other factors (I'll try to talk about in detail in the next point).
We need to the Arab distinct gate cover this shortfall, in this area, and offers many of the services that you dreamed the Arab web community, and to be effective and beneficial to both parties at the same time .. The service provider and the applicant (buyer and seller).

Let's dream together

Is there in your mind a certain perception of such a site?
Let's dream together .. What do you wish to find in this site?
Row perceptions of the reality of your experience as a service provider (seller) and a student service (buyer) alike, every one of us moves seamlessly between roles.
For example .. If you are a student service (buyer) Do you wish:
  • Interface to be fully utilized in Arabic? And only in Arabic?
  • One can find the service to compete provided you with a lot of sellers?
  • To find services related to your business on the Web, and other services from outside the web?
  • To find a minimum price for each vendor's service?
  • To find the button (Add to Favorites) - as is the case in Fives - to add the service to your account and use it in the future?
  • To be participating in this site is free?
  • Cash to have dealings with (the down payment - the final installment)?
  • The site provides many options for payment is PayPal PayPal and Payoneer Pioneer?
  • Can find displays perform services for you on the spot now? (As a particular show, for example, or as an indication of the seller and it is now on the Internet, and a full-time and can immediately terminate your service)
  • Be Active observers to assess the work presented based on the supply of required seller and buyer?
  • That there is a commitment to punctuality in service provision? As well as a monetary punishment in case of late?
  • Site that guarantees you a refund in the case of exposure to a monument, or even a lack of satisfaction with the service? (After evaluating observers, of course)
  • That there will be mailing Bulletin of the site provide you with outstanding new services added by the site?
  • To provide you with the newsletter Active special offers and discounts on services developed by the favorite?
  • To administer the site gives you the possibility to evaluate the seller as a whole after the completion of the service?
  • What else .............. Add you.
If you are a service provider (seller's), for example, you wish:
  • The site lets you add more than one service in different areas?
  • The site allows you to price your services as you dislike?
  • The site allows you to review the prices of similar services? (Spying on competitors), which on the other hand in favor of the buyer
  • That there will be a guarantee for preservation and the transfer of rights and transfer of funds?
  • Site that allows you to - sometimes - put your brand on the business that you create?
  • That there will be some kind of flexibility in the transition from the buyer to the seller and vice versa?
  • Be the only means of communication between you and the buyer through the site only with e-mail alert in case of new messages?
  • Have a minimum of money transfer $ 10 or $ 50 or $ 100, for example, depending on what you want?
  • That there will be concessions from the outstanding location for vendors who provide many of the services on the site successful? (Financial rewards, special discounts, show it on the first page and the first results on this service, etc.).
  • The site provides a set of free tools that help you to perform your job?
  • The site provides you with discount coupons for the purchase of other products, from famous stores, both within the Internet (Amazon, eBay, godaddy, etc.) or off the internet (Carrefour, Hyper, Radio Shack, etc.).
  • The site provides a set of statistical tools that help you assess yourself?
In the end, remaining question stuck hopes .. Is a service from the Arabic site offers professional services valued higher than the cash Fives site? Competing site oDesk and FreeLancer?
In Marketing Online and in collaboration with the site how to start We are seeking to make such site.
If you are willing to participate in this site, as soon as it appears, or take advantage of its services by about one way or another, or even against the emergence of such a site, tell us your opinion in the comments.
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