TECH NEWS: Gulf Conference for Information Security hosts Kevin Mitnick

Friday, May 17, 2013

Gulf Conference for Information Security hosts Kevin Mitnick

gisec dates new Gulf Conference for Information Security hosts Kevin Mitnick

Conference and exhibition held Gulf of information security in the period between 3-5 June at the Dubai World Trade Centre, United Arab Emirates.
The conference focuses on the major challenges facing the information security industry, which will include a talk about the security implications of cloud computing and to identify the extent of the risks associated with cloud computing.
The second axis will talk about the basic infrastructure for security and protection, so that the mechanism is exposure to the protection of industrial control systems such as SCADA and other various vital industries threatened by security risks and cyber attacks.
The third axis will be the extent applicable strategies to reduce the risk of attacks that could be exposed to mobile devices.
One of the most prominent figures will deliver a speech at the conference, an expert in information security and one of the most famous hackers in the world formerly Kevin Mitnick.
The famous Kevin Mitnick expertise high to reveal weaknesses in security systems, and was imprisoned for five years after the breakthrough systems major companies in the world such as Nokia and Motorola and Sun, and after his release to prevent the judge from communication and the use of any form of communication technology, except landline.
The extreme seriousness of Kevin Metink was considered by federal investigators that could threaten to put the United States of America with a single phone call.
To learn more about the conference speakers and topics can be found on his official website