TECH NEWS: Google social network games stopped at 30 June

Friday, May 17, 2013

Google social network games stopped at 30 June

g+ جوجل توقف ألعاب شبكتها الاجتماعية في 30 يونيو
Near yesterday, Google unveiled its new games, and because the search giant's plans for the future of gaming platforms, announced that it would stop Google Plus games on June 30.

She said in a statement that he wants to continue playing at a particular game, it should contact the developer of the game to see if there was another site upon platform that game or not, some games and Google Plus linked sites alternative where users can keep playing.
However, the games on Google Plus feature going on the way to fame for a period of time, and has been very clear during the past two years after the re-design of Google Plus, it seems that it may grieve some, but in the end we have to expect what is the best ones to serve Google Games coming .