TECH NEWS: Google Announces Google Checkout service is stopped

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Google Announces Google Checkout service is stopped

google checkout قوقل تعلن إيقاف خدمة Google Checkout
Google granted a period of six months before shutting down its service for electronic stores Google Checkout, so you want to shop owners to transfer their operations to service the Google portfolio.
The Google has provided a new software interface for its portfolio service called Instant Buy API, which allows for electronic stores display a quick buying experience to shoppers for goods and services portfolio by Google through applications on Android stores or their websites.
The interface allows the new Wallet Objects API also to learn more about electronic stores on the most loyal customers of the store, as well as provide them with special offers allowing more interaction between the store and the customer.
Google explained that, until November 20, the next date of closure of Google Checkout final electronic stores must find a new e-payment solutions and the cooperation with Braintree, Shopify and Freshbooks access to the display gives special discount stores for the adoption of their services.
But if you have your payment method is available for U.S. stores, you can join to take advantage of Google wallet service and make your buying experience with fast and secure for customers.