TECH NEWS: Five figures for your existence on social networks

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five figures for your existence on social networks

always be yourself 1024x756 خمس شخصيات لوجودك على الشبكات الاجتماعية
It is wrong to believe that people are separated from their identities on social networks entirely compared to real Bash_khasyatem, but it may find a lot of these cases, but the majority tend to represent themselves already in terms of the behavior of the year.
Generally can be identified five strategies or patterns involving personalities underneath the identity of any person on the social networks. These strategies are used to control the general form of the person regardless of general demographic attributes such as language, age, gender and country in which they live.
Before the detail, say that these five styles are:
1 - conservative: a person who is not involved in the content or dialogue and follow-up only after sometimes.
2 - Controller: a person who abandon the use of privacy controls to control the communication and determine its channels
3 - Broadcaster: a person who uses social networking tools to market itself in various fields
4 - Poster: a person Muti who share content on social networks.
5 - All in one: a person who leaves various other media of expression and focuses exclusively on social networks.


Before the emergence of social networks in its modern form about five years, which is long enough because everyone knows or company in this world what it means social networks, or at least heard the word Facebook or Twitter, although he has no relationship with technology, either closely or from afar.
However find people online on the Internet on a daily basis intensively, but did not enroll in any social network or be involved at all, through a simple conversation with people I know in this category and found that they simply do not wish to participate, and some believe it does not have something valuable or publications worthy follow-up published and shared, as if to say to you that the content published on social networks should be useful or not published (I hope so).
There are some retention about the benefit of those social networks and achieve profits of the content published by users for free, for example, achieves Facebook billion net profit from ads that target users according to the content that Anscheroh or read, here shows the opinion that I did not make this interest for Facebook?.
There are those who fear the participation of social networks in order to avoid conflicts and discussions sharp opinion and access Bamshadat words long, where he likes the feeling that Aouhah to himself that he is always right and should not be directed to him one last criticism or opposition to his opinion, and this inevitably will face if you're involved on the social networks even if you do not join the groups.
Unfortunately, with the social networking imposed on us a moral use of our identities and our names true, but there are a lot of people who are living in the era of forums and chat rooms and still use aliases or do not wish to reveal their names, at least, and here we find them do not want to join social networks because they become feel something critical about the use of pseudonyms not linked to real Bash_khasyatem and at the same time do not want to use their real names.


This category of users greatly complicate matters for discussion of the form of their backs on social networks. Where some places attributes General for each social network, for example, is one of those gatekeepers that the network Linked is to work only, so find it refuses to accept the request to add his colleague at work who sent him on Facebook or refuses to follow it on Twitter, on the grounds that the work was replaced Linked only.
Interested in this class of users significantly public image, which show in front of observers, and is working hard to adjust the presence and level of privacy for all published content to all segments of the public, where you find determines User friends close and other friends and other knowledge public and other family and others to co-workers and others to Classmates and a list of celebrities, too.


This strategy calls of the same represents and promotes itself primarily on social networks, you will find all publications related to your product or company or anything associated with it wants to promote him on networks.
What distinguishes this group that turned into a social media marketing and sale process for the same, which continues to publish marketing messages differently from what we know in the traditional marketing methods such as those of road and TV.
When you find a novelist Paulo Coelho known uses Twitter extensively to promote himself and his books he applied this strategy. Media also Faisal Qasim when it opens discussions about the program and listen to the views and vote it falls in this category.


This strategy is based on the use of social networking tools new business and not just the presence of a personal, for example, can be a journalist that uses Twitter to shed light on an important issue rather than using the way the media in which it operates, and we find that Facebook Pages have become newspapers new era so to speak, but updated on Throughout the day, those which involved making public the content of these pages to deliver news and information to the entire city, they all fall within this strategy where participating add content to others and not for themselves.
For example, you can create an account on Twitter and choose the best things you deem important in a particular area and you post to your followers, these things may be links to articles and news, photos, applications of smart phones, quotes, movies, the definition of areas of tourist ... etc..


This strategy is found in people who are making their cases and communicate on social networks everything happen to them in their lives, from waking am passing a cup of coffee and breakfast and then go to work and meetings, and the rest, lunch and evening sleep and then dinner and even sleep. Find all the details of his life shared on various social networks and usually annoyed follow the these group of people from the large number of their entries and update their cases.
I think that this character forced from located underneath that formed by, which is linked to celebrities to a large extent must they maintain continuous communication detailed with fans for the continuation of their loyalty and this what he wants by any public figure, and that these finding in social networks the best way to communicate with the public in stage between every two important events of the character, Flo was the representative of the movies, author of the books, the singer concerts or albums, and so on.
This character has to be Econoha public figures to give fans and followers feel that they are close to them, but whatever it was this proximity and post details of daily life, there are still red lines that can not be beyond the person to disclose himself to his fans, and these lines vary drastically between one person and another.

Add: mixed

Does not mean these characters five always to impose a single attribute the identities of people on social networks, sometimes occurs and a person is mixed, which is located within more than one classification at the same time, or change the identity of the networks and moves from classification to another and is undergoing mixed the two together .