TECH NEWS: Cover Google Developers Conference 2013: Google Maps for mobile gets new features

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cover Google Developers Conference 2013: Google Maps for mobile gets new features

maps تغطية مؤتمر جوجل للمطورين 2013: خرائط جوجل للمحمول تحصل على مميزات جديدةGoogle announced that it will bring a new and enjoyable experience to maps of smart phones, both Android and iOS, said Daniel Graf - Director of Google Maps for mobile - During the conference a few minutes ago, that Google has re-mapping on the Internet, which is known for its accuracy.
Google maps on mobile now give you that opportunity, if you're looking for a place close to you, you will be presented comprehensive information on those sites, for example, if you are looking for a restaurant near you, you can view a general assessment by other people who have visited this place before, and also your friends assessments of the same place.
In addition, the tablet devices, you can view maps of thousands of buildings from all over the world, and moreover, there is live coverage of the traffic in the world, for those who are traveling in their cars or travel by bus.
This means, that there was harm - God forbid - an accident on the road for you, Google Maps can convert your direction to a new path to avoid traffic jams.
Another feature we talked about today, "Explore" Explore Thus the name, if you are new visitors in one of the states, you certainly do not know the places that you should go to them, through the new feature everything that exists, restaurants, hotels and entertainment options, shopping malls, and more much.
Google should be proud of - and I will echo this statement during coverage of several times - with its maps, which seemed to me now smarter than you think.
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