TECH NEWS: Balances online .. Which is better?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Balances online .. Which is better?

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Says the scientific base in physics that even the body is in a state of equilibrium must be a pivot point in the middle, completely, and therefore any shift on this point or influential Will break down force the balance. As well as the Internet today, there are always conflicting forces paid by the party to disrupt this balance.
Today we will discuss four cases of powers, in the first look from the perspective of copyright, then supervision and control, and then Privacy, and finally the spread of the Internet.
internet freedom eagle balances online ..  Which is better?

VS property rights of Internet freedom

Do you remember the law SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) which will see the light, and strong protests that have emerged against him, this law paid by a group of major companies that own content is copyrighted on the Internet, and began passing around the U.S. Congress, but the protests big on the Internet and demonstrations that swept around the world prevented that.
There is no doubt that the big companies will continue in its war against users about maintaining their rights and will launch a number of initiatives such as SOPA in America, The circulate this idea to several countries, especially European ones.
Sees a lot of defenders of freedom of the Internet, that such laws are already undermining of the openness of the Internet and remain free and open to all. But we find there are deputies of the U.S. Republican Party such as Paul Ryan, the candidate for vice president of the party was one of the most important who made the initial project document. And then entered the major companies such as Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and many others to protest against it, this law presents these sites accountable and closure until the force of law in the event of any content posted pirated them. Indeed, after the bill has been stopped SOPA and won the efforts of Internet freedom.
But do not expect to endure this joy, always there is the interest of local authorities have the possibility to influence the politicians to approve such laws.
computer security balances online ..  Which is better?

VS supervision and control safety

All governments to monitor Internet traffic and users in the country to know what they are doing until a permanent stay informed and this is what they see as their legitimate right, but it is always difficult to maintain a balance between supervision and control on the one hand and safety of users on the other.
The conflict here between shows how the desire of governments to increase supervision and control unit motivated to know what users are doing and thus control, and between the safety of users and protect their privacy from exposure to these government agencies.
And provide major companies like Google and Twitter transparent periodic report as stating how governments intervention to find out sensitive information about appointees users  and so on several levels, there is interference delete specific content and another to know the person's name and the IP numbers and others.
And sometimes even governments enact laws Internet censorship motivated to increase the level of security, but in fact a kind of breach of privacy.
privacyVsGoogle balances online ..  Which is better?

Privacy ads VS

Governments are not alone penetrate the privacy of its users by laws, there are also sites and companies and penetrate your privacy by the browser and cookies!.
We recall a $ 22.5 million fine paid by Google to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission as a result penetration privacy of users via Safari browser spy on them for advertising purposes. Of course, this fine does not constitute a thing before interest made by Google of this espionage and breach of privacy, in turn improves the ability of targeting advertising and rising revenues from software Ad words which constitutes most of the income Google where Several studies suggest that users of the Safari browser or Apple computers in general are more likely to buy from the Internet and are characterized by a higher income level generally means that the price will be higher CPC and here comes the biggest Google profit.
A very large number of sites and companies penetrate the privacy of its users motivated by increased revenues from targeted advertising and targeted, through small files placed in a user you spying on record surfing on other sites external and thus the formation of a general pattern for each user helps to benefit from it in the ad targeting better and thereby increase the clicks and increase profits basic examples.
The solution lies in the formation of a business model does not depend on advertising because these companies will not desist from penetrating your privacy whatever fines paid. The business model that has funded the company through subscriptions, for example, when you say Manager application whatsapp we do not show ads in the service at all, That's because you pay $ 1 per year, which means the company is more than $ 100 million as sales returns and therefore would not spying on you to improve the targeting of ads as well.
fast internet speed balances online ..  Which is better?

Internet penetration VS Internet speed

This is a delicate point faced by telecommunications companies around the world, who would win for the company, to deploy the service to a larger number of users? Or increase the speed and raise the price to users both cases?.
What is happening is a combination of the two ideas together, Beginning with the launch of the service is trying to publish the number of elder by facilitating the registration and increase the number of towers and gates of the Internet and the geographical spread, and then after reaching the minimum acceptable will increase internet speeds and access speeds new or communications networks new fourth generation  LTE and optical fiber.
Balancing be here when you decide the company in any way go, do you focus on high-income people and providing them with high speeds in spite of the low number? Or provide Internet to a larger number of subscribers and at low speeds, but also low subscription fee and thus achieve the profits of the large number?
This balance affects the Internet as a whole, imagine if the U.S. Internet companies decided or Chinese trend towards the provision of high connection speeds to a narrow segment of users only? Thus it will be content published by these predominantly large size like videos and audio files, which will be a stumbling block for its spread to other global markets who do not have these speeds to download this content and interact with it, that if they had links to the Internet in the first place.
In conclusion, it seems clear that they issue interests and influential forces besting the strong over the weak, if you're with the impact of a major political yours relationships with media companies will pass a law closing tweets completely because a user post a link to the content pirated, or will be spying on the privacy of Internet users in the country and tells the user that you exercise your right to natural supervision, as well as planted cookies to record what users to view ads more suitable for them thereby increase profits, and finally make the Internet available to a small number of people only because they are able to pay more than others.