TECH NEWS: UNO & Friends of up Game to Android and iOS for free

Sunday, June 2, 2013

UNO & Friends of up Game to Android and iOS for free

Game UNO & Friends of up to Android and iOS for free

image002 game UNO & Friends of up to Android and iOS for freeThere are many delightful and new games that we've seen today, after the launch of the game Scrabble from Electronic Arts, and World War Z from Paramount Pictures and Phosphor Games, the game comes into play UNO ™ & Friends of Gameloft.
The game was produced by Mattel Mattel - the first company in the world for games since 1971, and in 2008, it is a game Uno is the most popular of the company Gameloft, which has more than 74 million downloads across various digital platforms, and is now available game for free on devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and soon will be providing a customized version to work on Facebook.
UNO2 game UNO & Friends of up to Android and iOS for freeBut what is different in a game of UNO ™ & Friends? Another factor clever new has been added to the game, has become have the ability to add others to allow to join the game through her community a huge online to challenge opponents renewed, and therefore making you daring more and more Chrome +2 and +4, and thanks to the social component, available to you invite friends or family members to work with you with up to four players.
Rules of the game are the same, and therefore we will face these new and important features, let's see some of the characteristics UNO ™ & Friends:
  • Facilitate the playing styles, addiction to the game!
  • Create new games and invite your friends to play a new social manner.
  • Challenge of millions of Ono fans all over the world via phone
  • Outperform the Nobel centers Internet lead
  • Customize the game through different characters, as well as change the displayed backgrounds and special effects.
  •  Play through the Internet by connecting to third-generation networks, or wireless connectivity.

  • Registration is free over the Internet using a Facebook account.
It is clear that as long as there is a property play multiplayer, the matter requires a permanent connection to the Internet, the game is available free for download on the Android platform and Apple iOS - iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch - with a possibility of buying some other supplies, such as some themes, backgrounds, and behind it, good luck.