TECH NEWS: Adobe Reader up to Windows Phone 8

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Adobe Reader up to Windows Phone 8

Adobe Reader up to Windows Phone 8

Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 8 Adobe Reader يصل إلى ويندوز فون 8

Finally, it became owners can phones and Windows Phone 8 to enjoy a very attractive application Adobe Reader Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems, which invented and aerobatics PDF documents.
Application is now available for all phones that carry the last podium for Windows Phone, will provide users the ability to open PDF documents, as well as there is support for password-protected files.
You can also download the application for free, as it was on Windows Phone 7.5, with a handful of features enjoyed by users of desktop computers, such as copy and paste, and search the text, and enlarge the page.
New features are also some specific options to read, such as the option to page-by-page, and continuous scrolling mode continuous scroll mode.
Not to mention that the application of Adobe Reader on Windows Phone 8 comes with support links within PDF documents, bookmarks, so users can go directly and easily to a specific Web page or a section within the document.
And the main features of the new application, include the following:
  • Speed ​​to open the PDF documents
  • View PDF documents password-protected
  • Text search to find specific information
  • Enlarge text or images to easily see the closest level
  • Use bookmarks to navigate directly to the section of the PDF document
  • Click on the links located in the files of aerobatics to open the linked web pages.

Now, reader the aerobatics Adobe Reader files on Windows Phone 8 is now available for download version, note that is only available in English at the moment, which is waiting for downloading from the Windows Store .