TECH NEWS: 10 bad habits technique you do every day (Part II)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

10 bad habits technique you do every day (Part II)

10 bad habits technique you do every day (Part II)

Bad Habit nail biting1 10 technology bad habits do every day (Part II)
We talked in a previous article about the ten habits of bad technique you can do every day without feeling, it is the way you sit on your computer to your interaction with the operating system, passwords, and privacy considerations, and talked about solutions to every normally. Today, we Ten Additional habits with the hope of solutions to help ourselves to get rid of them and be technology to serve and facilitate our lives rather than be the cause of the problems.

11 - do not know the update

Programs such as your car, you need to update the permanent. And updates often be useful either provide the functions and characteristics of an entirely new, or fill the gaps serious security there, or at least serve as problems in the old copies and improve the performance, so the update all programs is very important and must take him seriously in order to continue your applications to perform its functions best shape possible.
Solution: Most applications get periodic updates, especially smart phone applications and computing tablets and find always notice the existence of update or read in one of the locations that the update has been issued for the program you are using, Do not hesitate to update immediately, as applications, the operating system updates periodical issued also do just installed when They are available improves the performance of the device significantly and add some new jobs.
Even software for Windows and Mac get updates and if less frequently, in  Internet browsers more such programs update and thanks Updates feature silent you will not have cost the trouble of searching for updating it will come down automatically, as there are programs mission for updates software you use and installed directly boost one.

12 - print everything

pile of paper 10 technology bad habits do every day (Part II)
Do you still hold on to keep a hard copy of everything you have? Do not print anything you can keep an electronic version of it, save millions of trees cut annually for the manufacture of printing paper, save the lives of millions of organisms and fish that die each year as a result of molding residues of inks factories in rivers and air.
Because the print era gradually began to disappear in favor of the digital age, even major international newspapers and magazines began to abandon its paper version, you're still insisting on printing mailing each message you receive, why?Everything can be saved digitally bench is safer than someone to watch your bank statement that edition since few on your desk.
Solution: Pull the cable printer and keep it away from you, try it for a period of time and you'll find yourself automatically save copies of digital for everything you intend to print, there are services to read later is useful for the development of any article intends to read it later, there are files notepad txt on simplicity is an ideal solution used Personally always to save the texts I would like to return to it later.

13 - do not read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to enter the site one of the new services even in your mind spin dozens of questions about them, most of these sites know what to ask him for you collected all of these questions and answers within the Department named official FAQ, the problem is that a lot of people are asking those questions on Google! And Google that does not understand your question, but the search for one asked, here show millions of results and sink into a spiral of results is useful or those that require you to register an account to see the text and others, why waste all this time and may get an incorrect answer?
Solution: Read the FAQ, this angle is usually according to the Organization classification question and clicking on the question turns the browser directly to the answer, although there were not a FAQ Active angle, see if there is a search engine and search within the site on what you want to know the answer.

16 - plunging social networks

As we talked in a previous article about personalities of your existence on social networks, there is one characterized by some people on social networks, which is over-large to participate and publish content, to the extent that the smallest details of their lives and chronological order find it on the network, Well this is a bad habit, if you are happy with this , I do not think that your followers as well. I do not think that your followers are interested in all this vast amount of detail which is published permanently and fast refresh rate every two minutes, and it is known that one of the main reasons for cancellation up on Twitter is a frequent Twitter so you fill the time line with all your followers, what's the problem if you distribute tweets at all hours of the day? What's the problem if you keep some of the details of your life for yourself? No need for the world to know that you are talking with your friend now about the upcoming match between Barcelona and transported to the world of detailed expectations.
Solution: If you are overly participate on social networks then you probably will not find a lot of followers, so publish the content that you find useful to you and others, and then distributes publishing content on the hours of the day and there are many tools you can whereby scheduling publish content in the time you want without being available on the Internet then, for information, Facebook is not a blog, and Twitter as well as not fit for a chat.

17 - Ignore those around you

Do you remember the early days of the spread of Bluetooth technology on Nokia phones? When he meets some friends or family members, they do not look into each other's eyes, but to the small screens and share what they got from the picture and video ringtones. And today we are worse off, you will find everyone clutching his chatting on the phone whatsapp , ignoring which side even though they agreed to be dropped off for cafe to chat together, OK what do you think that the youth stay in your homes and continued whatsapp?
Solution: if you went out with friends, be with friends they themselves, do not ignore someone sit with him through the continued consideration of the phone screen waiting for new Tweets or Facebook updates, new Put yourself in his place how do you feel you are being ignored? So there was a base "phones in pockets on the table" when you sit down with your friends, and enjoy the radios of the real social networking

Silent Mode 10 technology bad habits do every day (Part II)

18 - Do not use silent mode never

Whether you're on the bus, school, university, and any other public place where tranquility is the foundation, put your phone on silent situation. There is nothing more embarrassing than that phone rings and sing a song for him in the middle of quiet, the worst of this to be this quiet social circumstances such as special session consolation!
The solution: a single click you can put your phone on silent, as most of the notices today supports the notice Vibrating thus inevitably will not miss anything and at the same time maintain the general character of the right of respect for where you are, although not resist the desire to keep your position "in general," Well, close the final and hold on the "public".

19 - your working life

No problem to work on your five or ten hours, but then I feel clearly that the device has become slow in responding, and this result is full RAM even though you may close all programs but still retain the data, and even if you are working on something important, the process restart the machine will only take two minutes at the most, but capable to provide you with more time than waiting for open programs and the RAM is full.
For people who do not re-run their computers all day, they are causing inevitably in the weakness of RAM and processor and hard drive, because each of these pieces lifespan particular device is working, it decreases the lifespan, so long as no work for you on the device, it is better switch it off and not put it on the status of Sleep.
Solution: After you finish your turn off the device, or if I had to work long re-run after an average of 6 hours of continuous work, reboot you empty RAM means greater acceleration in labor. Do not keep your computer is working throughout the night if you do not have something important, there are programs you can set so that turning off the device at a time you specify, or if you carry a particular file can download program that turns off the device automatically after the download is completed, these options are not set by messes. He used.

20 - E-mail habits

* And finishes with bad habits as do most of us with e-mail, especially those who use it actually work, but not the inbox you have such office, contains all the important things that you have requested, and any messages find that they will not you have requested, delete it, tell me what is the use to keep pictures of Niagara Falls and link via message in 2005? The need for these pictures you can look them up in Google always.
Solution: Delete the messages of others useful, especially those containing large attachments size, although the e-mail services offer today's storage spaces are open, but this does not mean that we keep over 10 million messages in the inbox, because it will tortures us later when searching for an important message, imagine the number of search results that will show you.
* Reply to SPAM messages
There is a difference between propaganda messages you receive subscriber mailing bulletin, and SPAM fraudulent messages receive at random, first you can communicate with the sender to unsubscribe and the non-arrival of messages to you again, but the second you can not never. So let alone wasting your time to respond to those irksome, on the contrary, you answer them motivation to continue sending and even share your address with other annoying spam sending back those.
Solution: To unsubscribe from newsletters usually find an option special this within the same message, but did not find, a response to the letter at the request personally or enter a site that issued his newsletter and Unsubscribe manually, and بأسوء conditions create a filter within the E-linked entitled sender so The transfer of all messages automatically to the Recycle Bin.
The messages SPAM they normally would not receive inbox thanks to the actions providers email preventive, but if you received a message appears entitled as SPAM, tick them as SPAM and convey mail automatically to the section on these messages will not receive again on the set, as you help Filters-mail addresses to identify new SPAM.

bcc gmail 001a 10 technology bad habits do every day (Part II)

* BCC, you also talk about?
For those who do not know the BCC section on the page to create a new message, here put the addresses of persons who will recieve a copy of the letter without showing their addresses, so that you always send a message to several people prefer to put their addresses in this corner of respect for the privacy of e-mail addresses of their own.