TECH NEWS: 10 bad habits technique do every day (Part I)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

10 bad habits technique do every day (Part I)

10 bad habits technique do every day (Part I) 

Bad Habit nail biting1 10 عادات تقنية سيئة تفعلها كل يوم ( الجزء الاول )
We all had some bad habits in our lives, we delayed the appointments and the other does not perform its affairs, but just minutes before the date of expiry, etc., but because the technology has become an essential part of our lives, it may also bad habits become We practice without feel it, and here we will try to exposure to some those habits and how it can be fixed.

1 - leave your devices in public places

Most cases of theft devices such as mobile phones occur by ordinary people find it open in front of them without the attention of the owners or even without their presence, and it takes only a few minutes of your departure cafe table to go back and find someone stole your phone. Or out of your car to the pharmacy, for example, for a few minutes and come back and find someone has broken the car window and stole a laptop because it was clearly visible and the street empty of pedestrians.
Solution: Never leave your devices openly to the public, if I sat down to the table cafe do not put your phone on the table always, if I had to go temporarily for example, to greet someone you know and I found by chance, I carry your phone with you, few seconds sponsor that steals one small device weighing a few grams contains all your personal data.

2 - busy Device b

Continued public places, many of us carry more than one device, for example, laptop runs it and his smart also to browse Facebook and Twitter, and happens a lot to indulge follow your profile on your phone so you do not notice anything happening around you, even if exploded the world, and suddenly leave your phone to return to work, but where is my laptop?
Add to this hundreds of traffic accidents occur, and dozens of people die worldwide each year because they are using their phones while driving, and the problem is that they do not use it for calls but to communicate via whatsapp the up or browse mail, for example.
Solution: organization, while driving be a priority for traffic safety is not to set your friends to chat, because if you delayed answer them they will forgive you, but that shocked people in the street, God forbid, you will not forgive the pretext that you're busy on the phone. Pay attention to your priorities and promising to consider all the time.

3 - Use hands dirty devices

Anyone who has children knows that once grabbed a cell phone it will return with a bit of chocolate or sugar clingy or similar which leaves them. But you are not the best of the case of children, you are also using your phone, however, and the second Hamburger hand temporarily, then return to dealing with your meal hands, and then brings you a chat message, and come back and hold your phone in every sense of hamburgers and fat Ketchup and others.
And to learn the seriousness of this habit and can cause health problems, according to several studies that personal computers and mobile phones carry average, a much larger number of germs and bacteria carried by the bathrooms.
Solution: Clean the devices a day, a light tinge with a clean cloth sponsor that keeps millions of germs away, but pay attention to the materials used and do not be harsh on your touch screen, oh and when you eat something does not have to eat your iPhone with you.

4 - Do not brush your devices

And talking about the cleanliness of devices as a proposed solution to the previous step, this is a bad habit Also, there are many people who do not touch their handsets anything called hygiene during the long years, and of them if opened box office their computers to found a mountain of dust and dirt.
In general, any electronic device contains circuits it attracts dust to him, especially since some of these devices contain cooling fans and the air stream here to withdraw more dust into the interior. The problem is that this dust eventually lead to damage to the internal device to cut and up to some extent damaged permanently.
The accumulation of dust on the teeth of copper with RAM memory chips lead to slow in the transport process and then form a kind of static electricity may lead to damage.
As well as the accumulation of dust with a thick layer on the cooling fans make their effectiveness so weak processor and heats up the pieces of the Interior to dangerous limits the computer to restart itself automatically and sometimes will not work because it could damage the processor.
Solution: periodic cleaning, the issue is not that difficult but were not intend risks or do not know how it's done you can consult someone more experienced you are, remove the computer case and use a push air to expel all the dust from the device, and must be carried out this process in an open area, Then remove the cooling fan and clean the blades of thick layers of dust by brush, do not use any oils because you're so over matters worse and lead to more dust thickness or greater rise in the temperature of the processor. There are pies that separates the cooling fan and processor, these paste have a lifespan and then become ineffective so you should replace it with a new one when the technician.

5 - sit the wrong way

Perhaps the most widespread bad habits, especially when those who work by computers eight hours a day or more, and everyone is aware of the dangers wrong to sit on the devices for long hours, the health risks related to the joints, eyes and mental state. The continued this habit lead to problems can not be fixed to the process or laser surgery for the eyes, for example,
Solution: Sit properly, your back should be taut and straight, hands close to the keyboard and form attracted bracket, the screen exactly at eye level so that the neck a comfortable position. And of course you every hour that you from your place and move around at least five minutes to move your joints, and every half-hour from considering permanent to the screen you have about your eyes and look to a point about six meters, at least until you get back the eye muscles and vitreous where to position natural.

6 - Do not give yourself a rest

Whatever work you do whatever, even if you have a project extradite tomorrow, ten minutes from the comfort sponsor that give you a strong positive installment necessary to continue properly. These intervals will benefit in addition to the health aspect, as well will according in your business to take time for yourself and think again what you are doing, you may discover the solution to the problem and you take your convenience. Comfort here does not mean that you stop your business to browse Facebook or YouTube, I mean totally moved away from your computer, and the Stand on your feet and start to move and move your eyes around and move your hands as well.
Solution: If you are not able to resist the ongoing work, there programs set intervals automatically lock your computer and you can not open it again before the expiration of a period of rest, generally enough of each hour worked ten minutes of rest. But you'd better be carried out by yourself and not be mandatory until you feel the benefit more, preferably not put cup water soon you even have to measure and fill it yourself and drink it, do not try to convince yourself that integrates two comfort to watch the work or full-day attendance and leave an hour before, committed to the plan and you will find of interest.And

Laptop on your lap 10 عادات تقنية سيئة تفعلها كل يوم ( الجزء الاول )

7 - put the laptop on your lap

Warns Most studies put the laptop on the lap and work on it, it can lead to some damage, especially if the device is issued by the high temperatures due to work long hours, and put the machine on cuddling may lead to dam vents for cooling fans which means a significant rise in temperature processor may lead to damaged and stop working.
Add to this the work for long hours on a machine in the lap leads to a sitting position is incorrect, as we talked about in the fifth point, particularly lead to greater fatigue of back muscles and spine as a result of the transfer of gravity and AC Milan forward.
Also, the move suddenly laptops or coup could lead to a malfunction in the hard drive as a result of friction magnetization headers with disks.
Do not use the laptop and you put a man on man, the process strain the muscles of one of the legs and disturb the knee, it is preferable to keep the foot flat on the ground and a knee angle.
Solution: Always use a table, but you do not want a large table sit down to it, you can use coffee tables dedicated to such a position, they provide a stable surface to give it laptop but do not be constrained by the office chair and you can use it on the bed or on the floor.

8 - Do not you save reserve

Do not fully trust the technology no matter how sophisticated, even big companies like Google and Facebook have always data backups of their data centers, so sometimes you create backup copies of your backups themselves.
A sudden malfunction may occur in the hard disk, the operating system may become infected with a virus or may steal your phone, somehow or another, your important data is always vulnerable to loss and damage, so it is very necessary to keep a backup copy of the entire data, or at least the most important ones.
It does not concern only the hardware, but also your website and blog, although there are periodic backup service in hosting but do not prevent it from being the backup copy of your own and save them in a safe place. Today, there has storage services sky many free and provides you with storage spaces starting from 5 GB to 50 GB, you can take advantage of them to save reprinted backup and which is generally higher safer than save them on your computer or on a memory Flash or DVD, and these services contain all the advantages of sync Thus you update your data when making any change.
Solution: Start now, Copy most important files backed up in any way comfortable with her, even if you have a fast connection to the Internet, the cloud storage is the best, where you can access your files from your phone, computer, and anywhere else. Do not lose sight of the updated versions periodic you take from your site, even if you are working on the platform WordPress or Blogger process is very easy, and also after the inauguration of a new operating system, create a system restore point, and then periodically update is the solution safest in case of any problem in the operating system without need to Format and Reinstatement again for all programs and definitions and other pieces.

9 - one password, hundreds of accounts

We all make the bad habit with a large number of accounts that require the establishment Today, almost every site intervention prompted to create a new account, so it is difficult for you to always remember the password No. 754 for the site Doe, and the easiest solution in front of you use the same password for all accounts that you create.
Solution: There is an easy solution is known but it is laziness that most people do not use it, there are small programs that mission create strong passwords and random and saved in a database of its own, so that when you enter each site looking at the program it shows you your user name and password for it, In this way you will not have to save any passwords, originally would not be able to save them because they are long and contain random numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols.
Well if you are lazy to follow this method, there is a solution easier, to not have, for example 3 passwords at least different difficulty, where we use the most difficult in the calculations sensitive such as your e-mail and the account on the bank's website and social networks and control panels sites and hosting, and so on, and the second is less difficult to use in sites not characterized by very sensitive and not related to us primarily, but we use them on a regular basis, and the third is the weakest and we use when we want to set up an account at the site forced to in order to eliminate the task and then probably we will not go back to him, the benefit of this word that it will be easy to print although promised once for the same site, you will know automatically that you are using the password easier and thus will not have to create a new account.

10 - one account, several people

This happens on the family computer, although that Windows provides the ability to create multiple user accounts, but few people use this feature, you will find children working on the same account Big Brother, which is used by the father. This is a big problem, you can scream later where he went file that you have to put it in the center of the screen to remember?.
The privacy considerations is important not interested recognizes that these children and all of their mission to enter to the games in this folder, talked a lot things like delete a file by mistake or open a file you must open it, eventually these kids!
Solution: one user = one person, and children should not be self-empowered administrative thereby ensuring that no playing system, too, as well as the granting of privacy and independence for each user in the family, and if he wants anyone to use the device to get out quickly to his email, you can switch between account and their account without logging off of it, and, of course, after the user accounts must be all over words, but what is the use of the castle open the door?