TECH NEWS: WHATSAPP free on iPhone

Saturday, July 20, 2013

WHATSAPP free on iPhone

WHATSAPP  free on iPhone

free whatsapp Alwatsab Free on iPhone
WHATSAPP Company began to adopt a new pricing system for application on iOS system so that it became free for the first year only and then applied to the price of 0.99 $ per year as in the Android system.
The apply WhatsApp on iOS pricing system by $ 0.99 to pay only once and then enjoy the user application services without any additional costs, but now it has become pay the annual subscription fee.
But for users browsing WhatsApp the they will not be required to pay any additional fees and will continue using the service for free for life.
The application WhatsApp  as received an update on the iOS system yesterday allows the user to save a backup copy of the chats across cloud storage account icloud.
It is noteworthy that there are more than a quarter of a billion active users on WhatsApp and will pay the company's new pricing system because reap returns much greater operational as it will earn instead of the annual fee for a one-time only. In addition, the company justify its position as a business achieves profits through the sale of the application does not sell advertising, content users as messages doubted other instant chat applications offer their services for free in full.